The New England Inns & Resorts Association 

We Helped Them "Play Dirty" to Get Business in the Off Season.

When the members of the New England Inns & Resorts Association turned to Redpoint for an idea to help sell rooms during their historically low period between the end of ski season and the start of warm weather, we decided to have a little fun with what the locals call "mud season." Leveraging the fact that much of New England turns into a muddy playground when winter recedes and the snow and ice starts to melt from the mountains, we worked with member properties to create mud-themed adventures and experiences that differed from property to property. From off-road driving in the mud and birding walks in the mud with the Audubon Society, to "muddy cuisine," mud wraps at spas, free car washes and more, members found creative ways to help travelers "get dirty" in New England. The media loved the distinctive story, with many newspapers even printing the press release word for word as a feature story. 

Following the program's inception, coverage has appeared multiple times – year over year — in The New York Times, Sunday Boston Globe (Travel), Wednesday Boston Globe (Food), New York Daily News, and an Associated Press full page feature story that resulted in hundreds of stories throughout the US. The story subsequently ran over the AP Broadcast Wire, and was picked up by dozens of television stations in New England. Most importantly…members reported a dramatic surge in bookings from the moment the first story ran.