In 2004, Redpoint created and launched wellredkids, a charitable program in collaboration with the Long Island chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, the nation's premier mentoring organization. To see how wellredkids positively impacts the community through funding bookstore outings and hosting free book fairs (including fun footage from the summer picnic frenzy!), watch our brief video that was generously produced by our talented friends at pictureshowfilms.com.

Designed to foster a love of reading in hundreds of at-risk youths across Long Island, wellredkids provides free books and collateral educational materials to all the children enrolled in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Mentors and their "littles" are encouraged to select books several times each year to read together, laying a solid foundation for some very bright futures.

All of us here at Redpoint learned the value of reading at a young age. Reading fuels the imagination and presents new ways of looking at the world. And reading, in turn, sparks curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness. Core values of Redpoint, these are the gifts that we want to pass on to children today.

You can help us give this program a long shelf life. Visit www.bbbsli.org and click "donate" to make a donation to the wellredkids fund. Just $25 will put up to three books in just one child's hand...which makes the actual value of your donation priceless.



WRK Stats To Date

7,000: Number of Books Given Away

$30,000 (and counting!): Amount Contributed to wellredkids

3: Number of "Free Book Fairs" hosted to date

Most Requested Book (ages 7-12): Goosebumps Series

Most Requested Book (ages 13 & up): Twilight Series

Average Length of Time Needed to Purchase Books for One Book Fair: 4 hours

Average Length of Time For a Kid to Pick Books at Free Book Fair: 10 minutes

Funniest Comment from Kid at Book Fair (9 Years Old): "Do you have any good bathroom reading?"

First to Go at Every Book Fair: Mad Libs


From the Mouths of "Littles"

The books I was allowed to pick out are awesome. I chose Golden Compass and a science book. - Matthew

The donation of books you gave away to each child was so generous. You have a very kind heart. - Chantel

Thank you for the lovely books that you gave my family and I. I loved it and for sure my family loved it too! - Kayla

I loved the books that I got! - Sarah

Thank you so much for letting me pick out 3 books at the Winter Blast. I intend to read them. - Michael