What Exactly Do We Do?

We're not just publicists…we're marketers. We influence consumer behavior both in broad strokes and drilling down deep into a particular market segment. And our PR and marketing campaigns are matched precisely to the "brand voice" required, ensuring success whether the audience reflects indulgent luxury or functional mass market. In fact, it is not unusual to find us helping different clients reach the ultra-rich and spendthrifts all in the same day. Services we offer include:



Consistent editorial coverage – print, broadcast, and online – is essential to a brand's third-party credibility and widespread exposure. But the pursuit of prominent coverage is no walk in the park, as journalists get deluged with story ideas daily and are forced to aggressively curate their selections to match the ever-shrinking editorial space available. We convince journalists to write about our clients by staying abreast of trends and keeping our clients' news one step ahead…even if that means we’re helping them MAKE news. From large scale cruise ship, hotel, and product launches to no-cost, high-success email pitches, we maximize news potential at any budget level and create an ideal blend of stories that combine to shape brands and inspire sales. See how we have helped Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square and Kennebunkport Resort Collection with extraordinary publicity.

Image Management

Building a reputation is more than just feeling good about your brand. A positive reputation can help you drive rate, attract leading partners, and fare better than your competitors even when times are tough.  And managing your image with integrity matters deeply in today’s lightening-speed world of social sharing and citizen journalism. Brands that thoughtfully cultivate their image – and the substance behind it – connect more successfully with their key audiences.  We harness the power of your image with great care, and ensure a seamless alignment between your words and your actions.  And while deals, value offerings, new product/service launches can do a lot for your business today…image management protects your revenues of tomorrow. See how we have helped Cunard Line and The Principality of Monaco with upholding their high-profile images in the worldwide press.

Social Media


Clients love our practical approach to harnessing the massive, overwhelming world of social media. All budgets have boundaries, but the opportunities in social media are limitless. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and a hundred other channels you've never heard of…how do you choose where to spend your funds in this unwieldy arena? Every brand has an organic social media presence, and the most successful programs tap into that vein of interest and expand its voice throughout cyberspace.  There is no magic bullet for social media success…each brand has a different personality, and not every social network is a suitable match for your business goals.  We know the secrets, and share them with you…whether we’re executing comprehensive social media programs on your behalf, or training and managing your own staff to achieve results. See how we gained the perfect entry into social media society for the US Tour Operators Association.

Crisis Communications


Gone are the days when a company had time – at least until tomorrow's paper – to consult with legal and PR counsel to decide on a response strategy to an emerging incident. Now the internet and social media can elevate even the smallest incident to crisis proportions in an instant. We craft sensible, effective, and tailored crisis communication plans to foster prevention of PR nightmares…and we offer 24/7 communication management services to help you navigate crisis when it hits, taking the reins of your public voice to victims, media, and consumers as needed.  Our calm, practical response to crisis situations – including everything from violent crime and natural disaster to medical epidemics and devastating accidents – has averted long-term damage to brand reputations and left more than one client weeping with relief. See how we helped Simon Pearce come back with strength and grace from Hurricane Irene.  

Strategic Marketing Consultation

We help clients make smart decisions about how to spend marketing dollars, build brands, structure marketing departments, launch and relaunch products, start companies, and much more. This senior-level service is an integral part of all client programs, but we've also been tapped for an "infusion" of such counsel on a project basis. Looking to launch a new brand or reinvigorate your current one? Want to expand your portfolio of brands, but not sure how to integrate them seamlessly and market them as a group? Reengineering your internal infrastructure to better meet your business goals? Reshaping the perceptions of your key audiences? We’re masters at assessing a brand’s potential and moving the right pieces on the chessboard to produce the end game you desire. See how we helped Robinson Home Products and Lake Morey Resort craft and execute ideas that set them WAY apart from their competitors. 

Senior Executive Services


Clients who have discovered our "wordsmithing" talents are instantly hooked. We discreetly work with C-Level and other senior executives to bring power to their voice and make a memorable impact on audiences. We have a knack for crafting the precise words sought, and coaching executives on effective delivery – whether pursuing an acquisition, keynoting at a high-profile conference, or announcing unwelcome news. Think of it like hiring a business strategist, cheerleader, therapist, writer, guidance counselor, solutionist, and confessor…all rolled into one. Clients we’ve served in this arena have sharpened their leadership skills, overcome fear of public speaking, and earned respect. These services are particularly welcomed by executives whose businesses are navigating through challenging times or undergoing a major transformation that dramatically changes its course. For personal references in this arena, email us here.

Training and Coaching


We are natural born teachers, and we love sharing our expertise with clients and colleagues. Our custom workshops and tailored educational programs are focused, effective, and strictly "no fluff"…but that doesn’t mean they’re boring.  We’re known throughout the hospitality industry for the joy we bring to our training sessions, which inspire participants to embrace the knowledge they’re acquiring with open arms. We've trained internal staff, educated entire regions on how to market collaboratively, hosted guest service workshops for annual corporate rallies, and much more. All programs are customized to suit the group’s needs, and we do extensive research to ensure that the content makes sense for YOUR brand…its quirks, strengths, issues, and more.  Learn more about our training capabilities here, or for personal references in this arena, email us here

Digital Services

Back in the day, we outsourced this kind of work because it was outside the perimeter of PR, which holds the key to our little marketing hearts.  But in recent years, we’ve come to realize three things:  1) that perimeter has faded as digital use increasingly dominates people’s lives; 2) our clients kept wanting referrals to the “Redpoint version” of design and digital shops, a testament to our high standards; and 3) why keep searching for a solution that’s “just like Redpoint”…when we can give them “Redpoint?”  So we got our own digital marketing geeks (said with much affection) to allow us to build and market websites, create and manage email campaigns, design logos and collateral materials, and a host of other cyberspace tactics.  Want to see samples from our portfolio of work? Email us here.