The Beginning

Launching a new travel PR firm six months after 9/11 was no small risk. But Redpoint's founders welcome a challenge and manage risk without fear. Longtime colleagues and travel PR specialists Victoria Feldman de Falco and Christina Miranda opened Redpoint's doors on April 1, 2002 with a brand philosophy based on shared business values: Results, Energy, Direction, and a to-the-POINT focus. Drawing first upon their marketing talents in the travel, tourism, hospitality, and culinary industries, and then later growing a successful expertise in the home furnishings and interior design industries, Vickie and Chris have built Redpoint into a leading boutique-sized PR and integrated marketing agency that has earned widespread respect for its integrity, humor, and ability to deliver lasting results.


Expertise in Hospitality – Travel, Tourism, and Culinary

There isn't a segment of the hospitality industry we've not touched – hotels, resorts, destinations, cruise lines, airlines, trade and consumer associations, casinos, global hotel brands, tours and packaged vacations, adventure schools, travel agency consortiums, restaurants, attractions, liquor brands, loyalty programs, and more. Our deep knowledge of these industries makes us well-equipped to set our clients apart from the competition. And, our expertise in social media – a key influencer in driving travel and restaurant decisions today – increases the value we bring to our integrated marketing programs.


Expertise in Home & Interior Design – Furnishings, Kitchen, Tabletop and Decor

When luxury handmade carpet entrepreneur James Tufenkian tapped Redpoint to launch his collection of boutique hotels in Armenia during our debut year in business, his delight with our work led him to ask, "Why can't you also do marketing for Tufenkian Carpets?" Thus, a new specialty for Redpoint was born. Since then, we've helped many leading home/design brands shape their reputation, court retailers, and drive consumer sales. Our experience in this category is extensive, ranging from tabletop and culinary equipment, to carpeting, window treatments, storage systems, kitchen gadgets and appliances, bath fixtures, interior design services, handmade glass and pottery, and more.


Expertise in Training – Marketing, Social Media, Employee Development, and Senior Executive Coaching

We believe in sharing knowledge. And after being asked repeatedly to speak on various marketing subjects at high profile industry functions, and then being tapped to host intimate training sessions at organizations around the globe, we thought…why not launch a Boot Camp series and see if people will come? Since then, the Redpoint Marketing Boot Camp has sold out annually, and we continue to enjoy our work on the "lecture circuit" for tourism and trade associations, CVBs, corporate training rallies, and more. Our training division also offers tailored coaching for executives in the hospitality and home/design industries, from speechwriting and presentation skills, to writing and image management. For more information, visit our training blog at


Expertise in Many Random Things

Building brands is not a job achieved from the sidelines, which means that we've acquired an unusual collection of talents over the years in our quest to help clients make news. Need us to bake lavash, bottle vodka, imitate a caribou, or tie a perfect clove hitch? Don't worry...we're on it. Check out some of our other Above and Beyond talents here.

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