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Travel Marketing Mini Boot Camp
Reduce Your Stress and Increase Your Results
6...game-changing topics (program below)
4...hours of your life (10 am – 2pm, includes lunch)
3...New England locations/dates (June 15, 16 or 17)
75...bucks (50 if you're a NEIRA member)
Marketing in the digital age can be stressful. Why? Because...
      Your choices are unlimited. Your budget is not.

      There are too many things to know…who can keep up?

      Time poverty forces you to always do the minimum.

      It's easier to repeat mediocre tactics than rebuild for better success.
   You’re in luck, folks. Through our hospitality marketing work around the world, we’ve identified six specific things that cause marketers to stumble unnecessarily. Big company or small, veteran or newbie…these six things lead people to freeze, make impulsive choices, spend frivolously, and agonize over choices indefinitely. They’re actually not complex subjects, but there’s nowhere you can get deep-dive training on such hyper-specific topics…until now.

Program Content
Opening Session (45 mins): How to Spend Your Precious Marketing Budget
We’ll set the stage for the day with this 800-pound gorilla: with the ever-growing array of marketing options available to you, how do you decide where the money goes? Come find out how to shed the bad spending habits that are sabotaging your budget every year. You’ll learn how to quickly and effectively evaluate opportunities – from partnerships and digital marketing to amenities, website upgrades, advertising, social media, special events, and more.
High Five in Twenty: Five Critical Topics...Twenty Minutes Each
These topics – which might each warrant a quick bullet point in a broad, general presentation – are too juicy to gloss over. You need a full twenty minutes on each one in order to “own” them and leave the room knowing exactly what to do.
Just One Stat...
Online Referral Traffic:

This “sleeper stat” often goes overlooked and underutilized in those big scary analytics reports. Put it to work and watch your web traffic skyrocket.

  Giving Away Freebies to Journalists:

Are you getting suckered by freeloaders…or making a wise investment in marketing? Here’s how to tell, and what to do when the A-listers come to stay.

  What to Say on
Facebook and Instagram:

You post like a good little soldier…but are you winning the war? Stop checking off a box on your to-do list and say stuff people actually enjoy.

Hashtag Responsibly:

You don’t need a license to use a hashtag, and so the #temptation to be enthusiastically #reckless is #wickedstrong. Come young Skywalker…learn wisdom you will.

  Landing Pages...
Just Do It:

It breaks our hearts to see how few companies use them…or use them well. Please…let us help you embrace this powerful revenue-generating tool with open arms.

Your Redpoint Boot Camp Leaders
Christina Miranda...a 25-year veteran of tourism and hospitality marketing who’s made an art form out of spending business budgets wisely, herding organizational cats for maximum efficiency, and giving away free beer (legally) in several US states. Ross Evans...a digital marketing expert who (refreshingly) speaks plain ol’ English, he can tame unwieldy analytics with a single glance, diagnose website issues with both hands tied behind his back, and man…he makes a seriously delicious cup of home-roasted coffee. Liz Carty...a media strategist who’s persuaded hundreds of journalists to write stories about Redpoint clients, she can make copy leap off a page with excitement, generate influential retweets in the blink of an eye, and take on any badminton or curling challengers around.